Saturday, 8 October 2016


Yeah this is an update. I don't know what i have to do change my life. After graduating in B.TECH (metallurgical and materials engineering) from NIT Warangal every thing feels so empty and pointless. I plug my headphones and and blast music through them and watch TV shows and at this point i don't even enjoy that.

Back then i used to get lost in thoughts and think about what i would do if was in certain situation but now even if i try doing it the answer is always the same.."why would i be in that situation?". At this point i just sit ideal without doing anything and even moving, this became my life style. almost every person i talk to annoys the F out of me. every question people ask me makes me want to pluck their tongue out . Only thing that was doing other than sitting around and being gloomy and shit was play Clash Royale and i was good at it so i played it almost every minute of the day and one fine day an asshole stole the fucking phone and i'm now back to square one and Yeah i recently started preparing for CAT 16 and its keeping me busy and not talk with annoying people. The last thing i want to say right now is i cant wait for thing to get better so don't have to answer for actions...I know every one wants the same but i just want it sooner.
                                            THANK YOU ALL AND TILL NEXT TIME