Saturday, 8 October 2016


Yeah this is an update. I don't know what i have to do change my life. After graduating in B.TECH (metallurgical and materials engineering) from NIT Warangal every thing feels so empty and pointless. I plug my headphones and and blast music through them and watch TV shows and at this point i don't even enjoy that.

Back then i used to get lost in thoughts and think about what i would do if was in certain situation but now even if i try doing it the answer is always the same.."why would i be in that situation?". At this point i just sit ideal without doing anything and even moving, this became my life style. almost every person i talk to annoys the F out of me. every question people ask me makes me want to pluck their tongue out . Only thing that was doing other than sitting around and being gloomy and shit was play Clash Royale and i was good at it so i played it almost every minute of the day and one fine day an asshole stole the fucking phone and i'm now back to square one and Yeah i recently started preparing for CAT 16 and its keeping me busy and not talk with annoying people. The last thing i want to say right now is i cant wait for thing to get better so don't have to answer for actions...I know every one wants the same but i just want it sooner.
                                            THANK YOU ALL AND TILL NEXT TIME


Saturday, 15 August 2015

The Way I feel Every Day

The Way I Feel Every Day (12AM-9AM)

Simply put i feel like shit..some time i think shit feels better about it self. Every morning i have to wake up so i have to attend class, and that seems to be the biggest problem of my life. there is so much going on in my mind the night before and one of them is F the class , why does it have to be at 8 AM and when that thought enters my mind the next thing i do is think about that guy who prepares the time table..and i pray god to make him rot in hell.
The planning to wake up next day morning starts at 12 AM and the i set multiple alarm at 4:00 , 4:15, 4:30, 5:00, 5:30,5:45,6:15 and 6:45 coz its impossible to wake up at single alarm and BTW i set the same alarms in my laptop too, and i prefer death metal as my alarm tune coz i hate that sound. After that i try to sleep but i cant and its already 12:30 AM, I calculate the amount of sleep i will get if i sleep exactly in 10 mins, i was my face and brush my teeth if i feel like brushing. Now that i feel fresh i lost the bit of sleep i had, so i open my laptop and open Fb and youtube and watch some videos and keep scrolling on my wall coz i dont chat on FB And now the time is already 1:30 AM after some fooling around i finally fall asleep and in a flash i open my eyes and my head hurts so much and i look at my phone and its already 10 AM and i missed 2 classes and i feel like shit. then i plan on attending to  11:00AM class and then i start feeling hungry so i brush and take bath. and i attend class and coz i'm late i'm not allowed to in the class so i come back to my room and open my laptop and open Fb and watch some New episodes on Any Series i'm watching at that moment.and Its already lunch time so i call my frnds and go have my lunch as we don't have any class afternoon .i attend the lab which i'm supposed to and try to finish my work as soon as possible and come back to my room and try to get some sleep coz my head still hurts...and coz i slept in the evening i cant sleep soon  in the night and the whole thing repeats..

                                                                      Coming up (9AM-5PM)  thanx for reading...